Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver– The Canon MAXIFY GX7050 is a feature-packed four-in-one printer aimed at-home workers and small business printers.

With large ink tanks and room for more than one ream of paper, it can handle a high monthly duty cycle (up to 45,000 pages, while Canon bottle ink beats even the most economical laser printers in terms of cost per page.

With a top speed of 25ipm (images per minute), it is not as fast as a laser, but more flexible, thanks to the ability to print high-resolution photos on glossy photo paper.

It’s also much smaller, which will appeal to anyone working from home. We think it looks pretty good for an office printer too.

Expect 85% savings compared to cartridge printers. You also get premium features such as a touchscreen interface and ADF (automatic document feeder) which can scan both sides of a document and automatically duplex print.

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Design

The Canon MAXIFY GX7020 has an attractive design with rounded edges and a sturdy feel that inspires confidence. Given its high capacity for paper and ink, it is also very compact. There are probably few people who would envy this space-saving all-in-one printer they place in their office. A laser printer with its large toner cartridge weighs more, while its closest inkjet rival, the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850, is slightly larger in every dimension.

There are two paper trays, each holding up to 250 sheets of A4 paper with space in the rear paper tray for 100 or more. The ADF (automatic document feeder) can pick up another 50 sheets and the inner ink tank holds a total of 580ml of ink.

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Driver

With four clear plastic windows on the front, you can obviously perceive how much ink is left in each tank. Two additional windows let you check your paper level too. The control panel can be tilted for easy viewing and as you would expect from a premium printer, it has a touchscreen interface. The screen is 6.9cm in diameter, which is a bit small but works pretty well.

There are connections on the back for Ethernet and USB cables with a second USB Type-A port on the front for printing from flash memory drives. With all the covers and drawers folded, this is a neat and compact little printer.

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Features and specs

Canon has provided its flagship printer with all the business features you can think of. Being a four-in-one, it has fax facilities in addition to printing, scanning, and coping skills. Naturally, it has an automatic duplex mode, but it can also scan duplex, meaning its fifty-sheet ADF can copy both sides of a stack of documents automatically.

Integrated Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct and Air-Print is available for wireless printing and cloud services. There’s also an Ethernet port for wired connections, although this will disable the Wi-Fi Direct feature when in use. Prints on a variety of media up to A4 size including glossy photo paper, envelopes, and cards weighing up to 275 g/m2. The only feature missing is NFC (near-range communication) which allows users to do secure print jobs with their phones, but you can’t have them all. In terms of specifications, Canon is average.

The print speed of 25ipm for black and white images is fast enough for an inkjet, but it’s not the fastest and slows down to 16ipm for color images. The print resolution is reasonable at 600 x 1,200 dpi, but that’s lower than Canon photo printers(opens in new tab)printers.

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Setup

Setting up a supertanker printer involves pouring in ink, but don’t worry, you’re very unlikely to spill a drop. The ink bottle has a keyed spout that fits into the mouth of the ink tank making it impossible to fill the wrong tank. When you lift the bottle, the liquid flows until the tank is full and then stops automatically. With no inkjet cartridges to install, there’s nothing to do but follow the on-screen instructions to connect your new printer to your Wi-Fi network.

The Canon MAXIFY GX7050 performed well in our overall tests with the strongest results achieved when copying and printing both monochrome and color documents, while photos on glossy paper looked less impressive. Pages of black and white text appeared fairly quickly, confirming Canon’s claimed print speed and the printer had no problem turning the paper over to print the other side without slowing down too much.

Characters appear sharp and dark and consistent in high-quality mode and appear only slightly lighter in low-quality mode. We can definitely recommend this save mode to save ink without compromising quality too much. We knead the whole manuscript with good consistency and no smudges or paper jams.

Color documents also look fun. Pigment-based inks give you strong, hard-wearing prints that are colorful and filled, though not too bright. It’s ideal for mixed text/image documents and presentations, but not ideal for glossy brochures and photos.

Photos on glossy photo paper tend to look a little grainy and slightly flat. The colors certainly don’t stand out as much as on Canon’s professional photo printers, which use dye-based inks. But with a more limited resolution, you can’t expect great photos from this office printer.

Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Price

At around $900 (about £600, AU$1,218) it seems expensive for an inkjet until you factor in the six bottles of ink included.

The Last

This printer can meet high printing demands while also fitting well in a small office or home. It’s not great for photos, but every other type of document we print looks sharp and colorful. It also comes with convenient features like a touchscreen and an ADF that can scan duplex. It’s not as fast as a laser printer and may be more expensive, but Canon’s cheap ink means your ongoing printing costs will be significantly lower.

Download –>> Canon MAXIFY GX7050 Printer Driver (Windows)

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