Canon PIXMA G3000 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3000 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3000 Product Reviews– Canon PIXMA G3000 is intended to fit in subtly at an office just by taking a gander at its matte dark plastic body. Its subtle nature is additionally substantiated by its smaller impression of 445 mm (width) by 330 mm (profundity), which is sufficiently humble for you to put it straightforwardly on your workstation without worrying about it eating up excessively of your work area’s valuable land.

Glance over to the highest point of the PIXMA G3000 and you’ll discover four LED markers and five physical capacity catches: Power, Stop, Wi-Fi, Black, and Color. The last two catches – which fill in as Start catches – are fixing to the PIXMA G3000’s duplicating usefulness; enabling you to choose whether you need to make a shading or a B&W duplicate of the archive that you have put on the PIXMA G3000’s flatbed scanner.

Canon would absolutely be making the PIXMA G3000 significantly more natural and easy to use in the event that they chose to fit it with a touchscreen show rather – one that would have the capacity to promptly demonstrate the printer’s present status without requiring clients to split their heads over what the glimmering LEDs mean. This, in any case, would have knock up the sticker price.

Situated at the front of the PIXMA G3000 are its four, transparent incorporated ink tanks, which Canon said is equipped for producing 6,000 B&W records, or 7,000 shading archives before running dry. Notwithstanding when they do, you can rest guaranteed that you won’t need to spend a fortune for their ink refill bottles, as every one of the four jugs will just cost you RM30 a pop, which is extremely sensible considering their high page yields.

Dissimilar to most (if not all) printers nowadays, the PIXMA G3000 shockingly doesn’t accompany an Ethernet port for you to attach it to your office or home’s system. Rather, you’ll need to either interface with it by means of USB, or through Wi-Fi. Picking the last of the two associations will definitely make them wish that the PIXMA G3000 accompanied a touch board or a LAN port, as the way toward endeavoring to combine the PIXMA G3000 with our office’s remote switch utilizing a scratch pad PC was a somewhat disappointing issue, without a doubt. We had no issues interfacing the printer to our note pad PC specifically by means of USB, however.

In case you’re unyielding on utilizing the PIXMA G3000 as a remote printer however fear the convoluted remote setup process, you can simply send your print occupations utilizing your cell phone or tablet through the unquestionably easy to understand Canon PRINT Inkjet/SEPLHY portable application rather, which you can download from either Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Canon PIXMA G3000 Execution

You’ll see that it’s ready to perform three assignments: Print, Copy, and Scan. It’s ready to do as such truly well as well, as authenticated by its official print paces of 8.8 ipm for highly contrasting, A4-sized archives, and 5.0 ipm for A4-sized shading reports. In any case, the terrifically vital inquiry is regardless of whether we’ll have the capacity to duplicate these print speeds out in reality, which implied giving the PIXMA G3000 a progression of print employments and timing to what extent it would take to finish them. Obviously, it’s a given that we will likewise be investigating the nature of the printouts too.

In any case, before we start, we ought to most likely illuminate you that there are several factors that could influence print, sweep, and duplicate velocities, including your framework’s arrangement, the product that you’re utilizing, and additionally the many-sided quality of the report. The print, duplicate, and output speeds you see underneath depend on the PIXMA G3000’s default settings, except if determined something else.

As should be obvious from the outline over, the PIXMA G3000 figured out how to remain to some degree consistent with its guaranteed printout speed of 8.8 ipm for high contrast archives amid the initial two tests, which included printing out a one-page Word record that had no illustrations, and a 8-page theory PDF document that had two or three dark designs included. The 25-page Word report, in the interim, set aside a marginally longer opportunity to finish, because of the way that it had a wealth of shading outlines and illustrations scattered all through its pages.

It merits calling attention to that the PIXMA G3000 would set aside an impressively longer opportunity to dispatch your printouts when you drive its print quality to ‘High’. The 25-page Word record, for instance, took an astounding 21 minutes and 21 seconds to finish – which is around three and a half circumstances longer than the five minutes and 50 seconds that was required when the print quality was set to ‘Standard’.

In the event that you look carefully enough, you’ll have the capacity to tell that the archive which has been printed out utilizing the ‘High’ print quality setting has words that are less worn out around the edges contrasted with the one that has been printed utilizing the ‘Standard’ print quality setting. Regardless of whether the somewhat smoother edges of content is sufficiently adequate to legitimize the more extended print times is still totally at your prudence. However, of course, do remember that these archives have been zoomed in to 165 percent of their unique size. At general perusing separations, odds are you most likely wouldn’t have the capacity to see a distinction in quality between the two printouts.

Standard PIXMA G3000 is an inkjet multifunction printer that would positively meet the requests of the financial plan cognizant client who requires an able, across the board printing answer for their home or SOHO. Truly, it has a nearly soak RM799 approaching cost for a multifunction inkjet printer, however we would gladly dive in just due to its high print yields and moderate ink refill bottles, which would no uncertainty wind up balancing its cost of section over the long haul.

Still not persuaded? Perhaps you’d value the way that it offers really not too bad print speeds and can print archives/pictures that are of good quality, without you notwithstanding expecting to tinker with any settings. Of course, the underlying setup process for it to keep running as a remote system printer may be somewhat troublesome, yet once set up, you and some other client inside a similar Wi-Fi system can undoubtedly print archives, remotely!

Canon PIXMA G3000 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3000 Support for Operating System:

  • Windows 10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Android


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